Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Fandom Edits || Female TV Edition Part 1

I've really been getting into photo editing recently and have naturally gone straight to fandom editions. I love putting in quotes and have also been making many wallpaper settings for my phone and such. I thought I'd share some of my favourites and you can comment any requests that I can make for the future.
This edition is focused solely on kick-ass females from TV shows that I love... they make me feel really empowered so I hope you enjoy! This will be part 1 of 2 so stay tuned for even more epic TV females...

Game of Thrones

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Westworld Book Tag - Original Tag

I've always wanted to create a Book Tag but have never found a topic that hasn't been done before. After watching Westworld, I really wanted to do a tag of it but found none already made.... enter me. I came up with eleven bookish questions about Westworld which I'm so excited to post!
I tag anyone that loves Westworld and wants to do this tag!!!

1. Dolores- A 'damsel' that redefines the word by saving herself
Celestine- Flawed duology by Cecelia Ahern
Celestine is your classic damsel in distress when beginning this book. Everyone else is trying to help her and save her but she's undergoes massive character development and helps herself. She grows so much as a character and she stands up for what she believes in. I love his duology so much and Celestine's independence is a major reason why.

2. Bernard- A book with a shocking twist
We Were Liars- E. Lockhart
We Were Liars is one of my all time favourite contemporaries. The writing style is poetic and beautiful, striking and thought-provoking. The plot is so deep and has so many layers. And, ultimately, yes there is a plot twist. Once I finished this book for the first time, I went straight back to the beginning to re-read it and spot all the obvious pieces of foreshadowing. Why? To make myself feel like an idiot. Just like I did with Westworld.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Game of Thrones 3x07 'The Bear and the Maiden Fair' TV TALK

We had a lot of characters in this episode and a little progress for all of them. Obviously there are some characters that I prefer to others but, overall this, episode was as entertaining and epic as always.(There's honestly, no new way to say this).

Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10
Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05  |  2x06  |  2x07  |  2x08  |  2x09  |  2x10
Season 3:  3x01  |  3x02  |  3x03  |  3x04  |  3x05  |  3x06

Beginning North, Jon Snow and the other wildlings are headed to Castle Black despite the wildlings not trusting Jon. Ygritte is as sassy as she always is until Jon tells here that the wildlings will never win a war against the South. Your classic relationship problems, really.
With Bran and co., we get some Osha background about her life above the wall where she had to kill her husband after he had turned into a white walker. Nevertheless, Bran is still gung-ho about going North of the wall because..... he's a very clever kid.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Writing Diary #11- Critique Partners

Side note: All previous Writing Diaries will be linked below in case you missed any.

First things first, another song from my writing playlist is Warriors by Imagine Dragons.

As far as they go... I'd consider my brother to be my critique partner for my novel. After I finish each chapter, I let him read it and he raises any issues, plot holes or things that need altering. This is super helpful because it enables me to go back and edit things instead of continuing with a glaring mistake ruining everything else.
But there are pros and cons for having your sibling critique partner for you and I thought I'd go through them.

Pro: He's honest. I'd be different if I was asking a parent or friend for feedback- I feel like they'd be a little nicer and kinder about everything- sugarcoating my mistakes. Siblings on the other hand, are pretty blunt and don't care as much about hurting your feelings.

Con: Siblings don't care as much about hurting your feelings. I will say that my brother isn't too bad- he gives me constructive criticism as opposed to just bashing my entire novel but... sometimes feedback hurts. And I think that's the same with any critique partner or beta reader. Some feedback and opinions will just break your heart a little because it's something that you love that's getting torn to shreds. This process is hard for me in that respect but I figure it's good practise for the future- not everyone will like my books.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Inadequate- Original Poetry

Another depressing poem for you guys.... sorry not sorry. This one was written pretty recently and I just thought I'd post it- raw and unedited. I'm not one for sharing my feelings but I can channel everything into poetry fairly easily and it helps me get everything out in a way that doesn't involve torrential crying and unloading my sob stories on people. It's my therapy, in a way.


chasing what i long to be
wondering what's wrong with me

the last jar on the shelf
withered and empty
untouched, unwanted
suffocating with envy

glass that's stained too much to see through
lungs too swollen
unable to breathe through

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Game of Thrones BOOK TAG

I don't why I haven't done this sooner. Game of Thrones has quickly become one of my all-time favourite shows and I couldn't resist doing this Book Tag.


1. Arya- A character that's all about revenge. 
Feyre- A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas
Especially at the beginning, Feyre is hell bent on revenge. She's trapped with her enemies but will make the most of that by taking them down and it's so epic and empowering! I love who Feyre grows to be in this trilogy and it was so entertaining!
A Court of Wings and Ruin Book Talk

2. Varys- A book featuring political intrigue 
The Winner's Curse- Marie Rutkoski
This is a fantasy read but there's a lot more politics than battles in this one. Normally, I'm not a fan of too much politics but, in this book, it works. The protagonist, Kestrel, isn't strong physically like all these heroines in YA but smart and sneaky and clever in the way she navigates her way around. I did love the first two books of this trilogy but I will say that last one has my biggest pet peeve and ruins the whole thing...
The Winner's Trilogy Book Talk

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Westworld 1x03 'The Stray' TV TALK

I'm quickly getting sucked into this show- sure, at times I have no clue what's going on but that makes it better. I'm obsessed with watching reviews and theories after each episode because the story's so compelling! There are many unanswered questions and I can't wait to figure out who's behind everything. I love being able to analyse everything that happens...


Season 1: 1x01  | 1x02

Starting with Dolores, she really began to stray from her loop in this episode. She has her regular meetings with Bernard (I still can't figure out what he wants with her....) and he gives her Alice in Wonderland to read. The parallels are interesting and it spurs even more flashbacks. She wants to run away with Teddy but after she comes back from a talk with Bernard, she's thrust back into the loop of her parents being killed. This time, she somehow overrides the code not to kill anyone and she shoots the invader, managing to get away. She remembers her old dad for a split second before running away.... straight to William. I'm excited to see what happens now that she's completely out of her loop and beginning to remember concrete things about the past.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Game of Thrones 3x06 'The Climb' TV TALK

The final shots in this episode were visually stunning! There were so many pictures I wanted to tag onto this review because they're beautiful but I restrained myself.
I'm really excited to see the consequences of everything that happened in this episode and how we're going to go on from here.

Warning: Harsh images used

Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10
Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05  |  2x06  |  2x07  |  2x08  |  2x09  |  2x10
Season 3:  3x01  |  3x02  |  3x03  |  3x04  |  3x05

Starting with King's Landing, things are really heating up.
Olenna agrees to the match of Loras and Cersei which..... I feel so bad for Loras! Who the heck would want to be stuck with Cersei for the rest of their lives?
Tyrion reveals to Sansa that they're to be married and... the scene cut just before he told them and we didn't get to see Shae's initial reaction!! I didn't want to see it.... but I totally did at the same time! I feel cheated.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

October Releases and TBR 2017

Turtles All the Way Down- John Green 
All the Crooked Saints- Maggie Stiefvater
Before the Devil Breaks You- Libba Bray
Ringer- Lauren Oliver
This Darkness Mine- Mindy McGinnis
A Line in the Dark- Malinda Lo

The Woman in White- Wilkie Collins 
This is our Book of the Month for October! I haven't read a classic in a very long time and this one has always looked super creepy and interesting. I'm excited to get into it.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Westworld 1x02 'Chestnut' TV TALK

This episode was definitely better than the first. We singled in on certain characters and really got a better understanding of how the whole park works- settling many of my niggling questions. I also like how we got to follow a newcomer on his first journey to Westworld- it gave us an opportunity to learn along with him.
Many things were explained in this episode and I think it was extremely necessary. This episode left me with many theories and a quickly growing addiction.


Season 1: 1x01

It's really hard to review this because I have no clue where and who to start with...
Let's begin with our two newcomers; Logan (aka. Prince Caspian) and William (the Golden Boy). It's implied that Logan's been to Westworld before but this was William's first time. I liked having a character that was learning things alone with us- we got to see him preparing an outfit for Westworld and taking the train there. I think this was a vital insight into the inner workings of the park.
Logan and William are complete opposites and yet I liked both of them. William seems like he'll take a hero role somehow and, even though Logan was arrogant and self-involved, he made me laugh. I'm easy to win over, apparently...

Saturday, 30 September 2017

September Wrap Up 2017

This month was a month of re-reads... I started college and really didn't fancy pushing myself through even more unfamiliar territory- it was too much for my brain. I was quite content sticking to older reads and feeling safe and familiar in worlds I know I love.

Origin (Lux #4)- Jennifer L. Armentrout (Re-read) 
Opposition (Lux #5)- Jennifer L. Armentrout (Re-read)
* * * * * 
JLA is one of my favourite authors and I just had the urge to re-read the ending of this beautiful series. I skipped to the best books in the series and fell in love with the world and characters all over again. Her books are so entertaining and it instantly lifted my spirits.

Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell (Re-read)
* * * *
This was such a perfect read for me right now. I enjoyed it so much more as I'm now in Cath's position a lot more and I've also read Carry On which means I get all of the Simon Snow references. This book was so nice to fall into and helped a lot through this month.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Game of Thrones 3x05 'Kissed by Fire' TV TALK

I'm going to ignore the fact that I just spent 40 minutes writing this review only for it to poof into internet air.... But here we are again! Writing this review for a second time.... sorry if this version isn't as funny or imaginative as the original was.... I suppose what you don't know won't hurt you.
Nevertheless, this was a brilliantly clever episode. I love how complex this show is because all the subplots are so intricate and it's great to anticipate and predict how they're all going to intertwine in the future.

Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10
Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05  |  2x06  |  2x07  |  2x08  |  2x09  |  2x10
Season 3:  3x01  |  3x02  |  3x03  |  3x04

We had political scheming and marriage proposals in Kings Landing today.
And Baelish was at the centre of it all- wondering around like the clever devil he is and manipulating everyone to get what he wants.... man, I love the guy.
Baelish uses Oliver to seduce Loras in order to get information about his arranged marriage with Sansa which, obviously, Baelish doesn't want because she's now his easy key to the North.
So, he goes running to tell Cersei and she immediately runs to Tywin.... because daddy will sort everything out.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

September Book Haul 2017

I didn't buy many books this month but the ones I did get are by a collection of my favourite ever authors so I can't complain too badly.

Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #5.5)- Sarah J. Maas
I pre-ordered this book because Sarah J. Maas is one of my favourite authors and I need her books as soon as they release! I'm a bit hesitant to go into this one, however, because it's missing many of the regular protagonists' perspectives and focuses on a character that is.... no ones' favourite. I don't personally mind him but we're leaning on him heavily here....

Opposition (Lux #5)- Jennifer L. Armentrout 
I've already read this book multiple times but I hadn't yet bought it. I'm slowly but surely collecting all of JLA's books but she does have a good 50 books published so it may take a bit more time.
JLA is another of my favourite authors and everything I've ever read of hers is stunning! I'd recommend starting off with the Covenant series or the Lux series if you're being introduced to her work- you will not regret it.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Westworld 1x01 'The Original' TV TALK

I'm so intrigued with this show. There are a few things that went over my head but, generally, I can't stop thinking about it.
This show has a weird blend of dystopian, sci-fi and Western culture which shouldn't work but.... kinda does. We frequently switch between the western setting and the dystopian scene which can sometimes be quite jarring. I can't put my finger on why I like it but I'm finding it super compelling and it has me theorising and analysing all sorts of things.
The show follows our world in the future where technology has progressed so much that we've created hosts (robots) that are essentially human (think Terminator). Westworld is a western theme park that rich people can visit to get the full western experience- visiting brothels and even killing hosts. The hosts reset every day (forgetting the previous days) and repeat every day- maybe slightly different depending on their interaction with the guests. However, some of the hosts are malfunctioning and going off script. And then stuff goes down.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Series I Will Never Finish

We all come across those books, those series, that you start but simply can't finish. This could be because of a variety of reasons but, ultimately, it's because you're not enjoying it. You can't justify struggling through the rest of the series when there's so many books and so little time.
So, I thought I'd list some series that I never plan on finishing... some may be controversial so please do tell me if some series get better as they go along. I have different reasons for each one and would generally not recommend picking up these books... maybe avoid them instead.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone series- Laini Taylor 
I've most recently read this book and, while I enjoyed it, I don't think I can continue. I flicked through the sequel and everything seemed so slow and boring- the things that I wanted to happen didn't even occur until the end of the book. This series had so much potential and I started out really enjoying it... but the story went in a direction that I didn't want to follow.

The Selection series- Kiera Cass
Now, when I first read the original trilogy, I loved these books. I may always have a guilty pleasure of them even though I'd probably hate them if I re-read it. But, needlessly, Kiera Cass has added on another two books from the protagonists' daughter's POV and I'm just not into it. It's like history repeating itself and I'm never going to be in the mood to re-read a recycled version of the original trilogy.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Game of Thrones 3x04 'And Now His Watch Is Ended' TV TALK

Despite the poor grammar in the title of this episode, I freaking loved it!
Every Game of Thrones episode is insanely clever but I found this one more so, uncovering scheming plans from some of the most intelligent characters I've ever seen (I'm looking at you, Baelish).

Warning: I make a lot of shameless hand puns in this review. (And yes, I'm super proud).

Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10
Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05  |  2x06  |  2x07  |  2x08  |  2x09  |  2x10
Season 3:  3x01  |  3x02  |  3x03

We see Jaime in this episode which is great but he's seen better days. Poor guy- he's literally wearing his chopped off hand around his neck! He makes an attempt to fight the Boltons and get away- and when he almost gains the upper hand, he fails. But you've gotta hand it to him; he gave it a good try despite him having his hands full. Brienne joins in and the two are working together hand in glove but. really, they just play into Bolton's hands because they don't achieve anything.
Brienne then goes on to ask him why he saved her earlier from getting raped and he replies with silence. I do quite like the idea of them together but, on the other hand.... nope; I just like them together.
(I hope you appreciated all that).

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Emptiness- Original Poetry

Here we are again. Another depressing poem. I wrote this a couple of months ago and, honestly, it's one of my favourites. When I go through it, I read it out loud in a whisper... it gives off an ASMR feel and the soft whispers calm me despite the helplessness of the actual message.
I hope you enjoy!


my brain is tangled,
thoughts scattered
springing in different directions
yearning for affection,
clinging to discretion.

my feelings are hiding,
withdrawing into a bottle. 
they scuttle away from judgement,
to wonder and pray-
thought for what, it's hard to say. 

my childhood is running away from me,
nostalgia caught in clenched teeth
the loneliness I've always felt,
peeling away to possibility,
disintegrating beneath piled up dreams.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Game of Thrones 3x03 'Walk of Punishment' TV TALK

I loved this episode-it was comedy genius. There were so many brilliant scenes and it's one of those episodes that proves why this show is such a success; because it's simply amazing.


Season 1:  1x01  |  1x02  |  1x03  |  1x04  |  1x05  |  1x06  |  1x07  |  1x08  |  1x09  |  1x10
Season 2:  2x01  |  2x02  |  2x03  |  2x04  |  2x05  |  2x06  |  2x07  |  2x08  |  2x09  |  2x10
Season 3:  3x01  |  3x02

Let's start with Daenerys for once because, for some reason, I always save her for last.
In Astapor, Khaleesi has finally bought the Unsullied but for a big price- one of her dragons. I'm not too bothered- we still have two dragons, so we'll still be epic on the battlefield. Khaleesi also purchased Missandei which I'm happy about because I've seen this girl in so many promos etc. I want to see her and Daenerys grow a really nice and strong bond!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Mystery Blogger Award TAG || Take Two

I've already done this Tag before but... I got nominated again- this time by the lovely Esther from BiteIntoBooks. I'm not going to do the entire rules and will only ask her questions she left for me. If you want to check out my previous post with all the rules and my own nominees, I'll leave the link below.
Original Mystery Blogger Award Tag

1. If you could recommend me one book that I would HAVE TO READ one day, which one would it be?
I'm gonna break down a couple...

A Court of Mist and Fury- Sarah J. Maas
This is my all time favourite book so of course I'd always recommend it but this is the second in a series so, generally, read the first book first. This story is a blend of fantasy, epic action and steamy romance. The world is so well-developed and it has everything I'd ever need from a book.

As for a standalone...
Undone- Cat Clarke
This is an underrated book that I love. It touches on issues in this society that I'm very passionate about and it blends, love, hate and revenge so beautifully. The characters are great and I've re-read this book so many times.

2. What's the last book that made you cry so hard?

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Rarity from the Hollow- Robert Eggleton Non-spoiler BOOK TALK

I was sent a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

* * *
I decided to go non-spoiler for this review because I'm still kinda processing what happened...

This book very much teeters on the edge between total genius and total crazy. Your opinion on this book would completely depend on which way you fell.... and, honestly, I'm still on the fence getting splinters up my backside.
The first chapters were a little hard to get into but once you push through, you can truly appreciate the exploration of mental health issues. This book draws on a variety of different life experiences which is what makes it such an insightful read.
The story didn't shy away from subjects that are usually 'untouchable' in literature; child abuse being a main topic. At times, this was disturbing to read and could get a little heavy and intense for the reader but it's poignant and eye-opening at the same time.